History of Sterling Ave. church

History of Sterling Ave. church

In 1958 a number of people who were members of the old Brush Creek congregation left that group to form a new congregation known as Southside. Included in the number were two of the elders, Fred Moore and Ivan Hedges, who also served the new group as overseers in its early years. A former business building was purchased at 79th and Paseo, remodeled, and served as the congregation's home for many years. Initially much of the preaching was done by Ivan Hedges, a business man, and by local building contractor/developer Ernest "Bud" Vick, with others also sharing the responsibilities. Eventually the services of a full-time preacher were sought and Herbert Frayser filled the position from 1962 to 1966. Other preachers who followed in the work were Don Vaughan (1967-69), Bob West (1970-72), Herman Miller (1973-74).  

In November of 1974 the group known as Southside changed locations, becoming known as the congregation at Sterling Avenue. Preachers that have worked with the congregation since its move to the present location are as follows: Kenneth Van Deusen until about 1980, David Patterson until about 1984, John Pressley until about 1987 or '88, and Mike Scott until about 1991. John Bassford filled the preaching duties from 1991 to 1995, followed by Heath Rogers until late 1996. Norman Fultz began working with the congregation in December 1996 and retired from full-time work in June 2016.

For a number of years, the congregation had not been served by elders and deacons (although it had in times past). On February 2, 2003, Glendy Hockman, Norman Fultz, and Jerry Vick were appointed to serve as elders. The process of selection and appointment of deacons to serve was completed on March 9, 2003, when John Frazier, Gene McClung, and Marion Morgan were appointed deacons. After just over four years of devoted service as an elder at Sterling, Glendy Hockman resigned due to health concerns which prompted he and wife Eva to move to Columbia, Missouri, to be close to son David and medical facilities for his rehabilitation. The Sterling congregation is deeply indebted to Glendy and Eva for their loving service for so many years. Brother Marion Morgan passed away in May 2012 of complications from heart surgery and is missed greatly.  

Jerid Gunter began working with us as the full-time preacher in July 2016. While growing up in the Northland of the Kansas City area, he most recently comes to us from Louisville, KY as he worked 2 1/2 years in a preacher training program with the brethren at Douglass Hills.

With God's continued blessings, we're hopeful to continue adding to the history of this congregation as we labor together for the cause of Christ here in Raytown, MO.