How Will You Be Remembered?

How Will You Be Remembered?

As somber as it sounds I think it is important from time to time to consider the question, "how will you be remembered?" This question reminds us that there are only a limited amount of days we have on earth and it encourages us to use them in a way that is worthwhile and in a way that pleases our Creator. This question also reminds us that our actions and choices in many ways chart the course for the example that we leave behind. I ask you, what kind of example are you setting? How will others remember you when you're earthly life has faded?

In Joshua 1 we find that Moses has died and Joshua has now taken up the mantle of leadership. Joshua is tasked with leading Israel into the promised land of Canaan. The Lord exhorts Joshua several times by telling him to be "strong and courageous" knowing that the Lord is with Him wherever he goes. Even though Moses is dead, his name is referenced at least nine times in this first chapter. Moses may be dead but his example lives on! In all of these references, we get a glimpse of the kind of man Moses was and the footprint he left behind.

There are three things that the first chapter of Joshua emphasizes about Moses' example that should be things which we strive for in our lives today.

1. Moses Served the Lord

The very first verse of the book begins with emphasizing Moses as a servant of the LORD and this phrase occurs four more times in this chapter (1:1, 2, 7, 13, 15). God called Moses from pasturing his father-in-law's flock to serve Him by returning to Egypt and delivering the nation of Israel from the oppressive hand of Pharaoh. The Lord used Moses in a number of ways throughout his life and he became a devoted servant of the Lord.

Are you serving the Lord? We have the privilege of serving the God of heaven who loves us and gave His Son for us to deliver us from out of the oppressive slavery of sin. How devoted are you in your service to the Lord? It will require an attitude of humility and selflessness as we recognize how great and awesome our God truly is. It is also a great privilege to get to bow our knee before the great judge of all the earth. Our aim should be to leave an example like Moses by serving the Lord with all of our heart, soul, strength, and mind.

2. Moses had a relationship with God. 

We see this by the phrase that is mentioned by what the LORD spoke to Joshua about Moses. "...just as I have been with Moses, I will be with you; I  will not fail you or forsake you." (Josh. 1:5). We know from Numbers 12:8 that Moses had a very special relationship with God where the Lord spoke "face to face" with Moses. Although we may not have that kind of relationship with God today as Christians the principle remains the same that Moses was invested in his relationship with God. No, Moses was not perfect but we are reminded here in Joshua 1 of the blessings that come from being a child of God and the relationship we can have with the Creator of the universe.

How invested are you in your relationship with the King? What I mean by that is how much time are you spending each day with the Lord? Are you communicating with God through prayer? Do you make time throughout your day to express your gratitude for what God has done for you by providing an avenue through which you can enjoy fellowship with Him? Do you spend time each day listening to God by opening up His word and better understanding who He is and His expectations of you? 

Moses was remembered for his relationship with God. Will the people in your life remember your dedication, loyalty, and commitment to deepening your relationship with God as well?

3. Moses Spoke God’s Law

Moses is remembered in verse 7 as instructing his predecessor Joshua in the words of God's law. Teaching and proclaiming God's law was one of the chief aspects of Moses role as the one who led Israel out of Egypt and through the wilderness. In fact, the book of Deuteronomy contains Moses speaking the law to the new generation of Israelites who are about to enter the Promised Land. 

Will you be remembered for speaking to others about God's word? What a noble and high calling to live up to! It has often been said that we talk about the things that are most important to us. So what kind of things come up in your conversations with friends, family, and neighbors? Do you find ways like Jesus and Paul did to turn everyday conversations into opportunities to tell others about the great God you serve? We live in a world where people need good news and it is up to us as God's servants to impart the most wonderful news in the world to them! My challenge to you this week is to identify one person that you could talk to about the gospel. By doing so, we will be following in Moses' footsteps of speaking the word of the Lord.

In order to be remembered as a servant of God, having a relationship with God, and speaking God's word as Moses was. Those three things need to be a reality in our lives today! It's about making the most of every day to grow into who God wants us to be just like it was for Moses.

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