Our Shepherds

Our Shepherds

The church submits itself to Christ as the head (Ephesians 5:22-24), and part of it's submission to Christ is by submitting to the leadership of a local church. As we read in 1 Timothy 3:1-7, the office of overseer (also referred to as an elder, shepherd, & bishop) is a "noble task" or "good work." In order for any organized group to run efficiently, there needs to be a physical presence of leadership and the same can be said for the church. We're thankful to say that we're blessed with leadership at Sterling Avenue. 

Norman Fultz

Norman has been serving as an elder at Sterling Avenue since 2003, and until July 2016, he was also serving as the full-time preacher. Brother Norman has preached the gospel of Christ for over 60 years and applies his experience from the pulpit in combination with his years of study and life experiences to aide in his shepherding the flock at Sterling Avenue. 

Jerry Vick

Jerry has also been serving as an elder at Sterling Avenue since 2003. Jerry worked for a Northland school district for many years until his retirement. He serves as an example to all of us to be a Christian both inside and outside the confines of a worship setting, and continues to have interactions with others in the world where he's able to speak about God's Word.